Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Even at age fourteen, Jon is said to have more Stark-like features than any of his siblings; Lady Catelyn states that Jon looks more like Ned than any of the children she herself bore him. Tyrion Lannister notices that Jon has the traditional Stark face-long, solemn and guarded, and remarks to himself that whoever Jon’s mother was, she left little of herself in her son’s appearance. Jon has a lean build and a long face, with dark brown hair and grey eyes so dark they border on black. He is graceful and quick. Arya Stark is said to resemble Jon the most of the Stark children. After joining the Night’s Watch, he dresses in their official black garb. 
Jon was raised as a Stark and Northerner and in many ways took to their values of honor, to which he tries to conform even when faced with complex and morally ambiguous decisions. However, he is perhaps a great deal more solemn than his Stark siblings and is keenly aware of his status as a bastard; Alys Karstark once noted after sharing a dance with both he and Robb that Robb was courteous and charming, and Jon by contrast was quiet and sullen.

Illustration by ©Cat Versus Human